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Brain Healing Therapy

Energy Neuroplasticity has many other uses other than healing concussions. Brain fog, short term memory loss, mental focus, ADHD, early onset Dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, and more are treatable with this modality.

Brain fog can have many causes such as exhaustion, fatigue, addictions, and more. Whatever the cause, there always seems to be a compartmentalization instead of a natural flow of consciousness throughout the brain. By bringing the brain parts together, people often feel a sense of rejuvenation and release.

Short term memory-loss can also have multiple causes, but often in elderly people, there is a lack of blood flow through the brain, or there are blockages causing gaps in memory. This requires a detailed systemic rebalancing from the sources of the issue, to the affected areas.

ADHD people are unique as these individuals when confronted with an issue, spiral back into the limbic brain (emotional center) instead of analyzing in the frontal cortex. Often these people feel plagued with self-worth issues instead of using the brain for problem-solving. My approach is 50% emotional therapy work, and 50% brain rebalancing.

Depression is best served with the Heart Clearing Technique which is just emotional clearing the heart of anything that has a negative hold over it. Often this requires a single 2 hour session to clear up a lifetime of issues.

The other major use of Energy Neuroplasticity is for athletes, empaths, performers, and anyone who wants to be trained in how to use their pineal gland to consciously put themselves into altered states of consciousness. For athletes such as hockey goalies, pineal activation can teach them how to stretch their intuitive awareness an read the play of an opposing player. For artists and writers, I can help with creative blocks that prevent them from their creative process. Learning disabilities are also improved greatly from this work.

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