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Energy Neuroplasticity

Concussion Therapy – Energy Neuroplasticity is a multidisciplinary composite technique developed by Orion Mott.  Concussion Therapy – Energy Neuroplasticity amalgamates many different energetic therapies into the sole purpose of healing of the physical brain.  Each person is unique, and this is analogous to a lock and key.  Every brain will respond differently to treatment because the key needs to be fashioned based on the particular lock.  For a healthy person who experiences a single concussive episode, I often create a positive healing result.  Energy work is a healing process, and not as simple as taking a pill.  After a session, people’s functionality and their perception of less pain and concussive symptomology feel dramatically improved.  The success I have had with concussive athletes over the years is a testament to this.  Usually, a typical case requires four sessions of 1.5 hours for a total of 6 hours of treatment.  Since my method coordinates the communication of the whole body, the health of the rest of the body (other than the head) is a factor in the healing process. For people with other pre-existing health challenges or addictions, I can only claim that my treatments will help their condition.

To facilitate change, I often need to delve into the emotions held in the heart.  For this reason, I ask that people have an open mind and a willingness to look into their “stuff.”  Beliefs, definitions, and ideas are also needed to change to make profound health shifts in people. As goes the heart, so goes the life.

Brain health relates to general body health.  The brain is incapable of healing itself very well.  My Concussion Therapy and Energy Neuroplasticity coordinates organs and energy centers, such as the heart, the spine, and energy nodal points, to facilitate brain shifts.

As a practitioner, I have always had a fascination with the brain.  It is an exciting organ because of its ability to adapt and learn.  In a way, you can say that I approach concussion healing through the back door of consciousness shifting combined with direct energy healing to the brain.  Each brain portion needs to heal in succession because the brain itself has a particular hierarchy.

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