Expand Your Mind

Although I specialize in concussion healing and many other brain disorders such as learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, short term memory problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Epilepsy, you don’t need to have a specific brain disorder to receive a benefit from Energy Neuroplasticity. Each brain has dormant places that can be improved by this technique.

After many years working with the brain, it has become obvious to me that we polarize towards certain aspects of mental brilliance while leaving out other areas of the brain altogether. From many years of Remote Viewing, Medical Intuitive Readings combined with energy healing, I can literally feel the cold spots in a person’s head. The cold spots are locations in the brain that are not as active as other parts of the cortices. By having clients stretch their perception into these areas, we can wake up hidden aspects of consciousness. This can also have dramatic improvements in stretching the personality and lessening awkwardness. Some examples are opening up the creative centers, analytical, organizational, physical awareness, etc.

I have also created a technique that I call Heart Clearing. Heart Clearing is different from traditional therapy. Traditional therapy entails a full commitment of time to go through many aspects of one’s life in order to organize it into a meaningful framework. I joke that my Heart Clearing Technique makes me more like the garbage man than a therapist. People can find their own meaning as I specialize in resolving unresolved feelings. By completing and releasing old pain and memories, people automatically improve every aspect of their life. I help people engage their subconscious beliefs and find new meaning in their lives.

Whether by healing the heart, the mind or the physical brain, everyone can improve themselves with my coaching. I look forward to working with you and your uniqueness.