• Brain Upgrade

Become Better Than Brilliant

Although I specialize in concussion healing and a host of other brain disorders such as learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and memory problems, you don’t need to have a specific brain disorder to receive a benefit from Energy Neuroplasticity.

After many years working with the brain, it has become obvious to me that we polarize towards certain aspects of brilliance while leaving out other areas of the brain that could be improved.  Here is an example of an imbalance that I find in certain populations:


55 years old,

profession: Doctor

Brilliant frontal cortex and parietal brain especially on the left side.  Weak on right side frontal cortex, temporal lobe, and Cerebellum.

This person is highly analytic and intellectual.  Because of the weakness in the right frontal lobe and temporal lobe, he naturally has trouble expressing his emotions, being creative, being empathetic, and being physically active.

My treatment is to balance out the right and left side of the brain with specific attention to the right side.  Usually some heart clearing and releasing major judgements of right brain dominent creative people will dramatically shift this client to becoming more balanced.  The goal here is to balance out every part of the brain so that a person has access to many different responses instead of the hardwired responses to stimulai.