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Hello, and welcome to my website for Concussion Healing in Toronto.  

My name is Orion Mott and I have been healing the symptoms of concussions, ADHD, and other brain issues since 2005 with Energy Neuroplasticity.  This is a specific technique that I have developed using a combination of pineal gland activation, healing flow of cerebral fluid connected to Kundalini energy, and sequentially rebalancing the cortices of the brain.

This technique is extremely safe and effective approach to healing brain issues.

What is Energy Neuroplasticity?

The brain can actively repair itself under certain conditions.  When we think about the brain, most of us see it as a computer that senses and coordinates the functions of the body.  Unfortunately, when the brain is traumatized, diagnosis is relatively the common approach, but successful treatment and recovery requires a specialized skill set.  The Typical allopathic approach is to study the problem, but the typical Western science view is that there is nothing that can be done.

I have spent the last fifteen years working with concussion complications such as, tinnitus, brain fog, eye trauma, depression, and more and have enjoyed a very high level of successful helping clients recover from symptoms.  I call my technique Energy Neuroplasticity.  This healing modality connects the cortices and the innate body wisdom directly.  This connection guides the consciousness of the brain to repair itself.  An analogy of this process is to imagine a traumatized brain like a worm that is severed into many different segments.  Each segment is disconnected to the whole and moves independently of the other segments.  Usually, I have found that the consciousness of post-concussive brain is locked into the reptilian brain like a protective cocoon.  By not being able to connect with other limbic and frontal sections, the consciousness stays in a perpetual trauma loop.  Through a specialized set of energetic and Applied Kinesiology techniques and focused intent, I can re-establish harmonic confluence of cortical communication.

There are of course no guarantees in any healing modality because it requires the cooperation of many different factors.  However, the brain is extremely adaptable due to its neuroplasticity. I treat the whole spine as part of the brain.  Energy must flow up and down the spine naturally so that the cerebral spinal fluid can move unencumbered.

The Master Gland

Pineal Gland

The brain has an endocrine gland called the pineal gland located near the center of the brain. Long considered the “third eye” or sacred center of the brain. This organ can be accessed and is used as a template for realignment of the neurological field. By accessing this organ, the template is stretched over the damaged tissues and the neurons respond by changing their alignments thereby healing the brain. Unlike most techniques that attempt to impose conditions such as hyperbaric chambers on the brain, Energy Neuroplasticity is unique because it accesses the brain directly and treats the damaged area locally.

Energy Neuroplasticity is different from many alternative healing modalities such as BodyTalk, Medical Intuitive Training, Reiki, Kinesiology, and Chi Kung. The philosophy is very different in that energy is neither added or subtracted. In many energy healing modalities there is a belief that energy flows link water from one place to another. Energy Neuroplasticity is more of a static resonance than a direct flow of energy. The pineal gland is a vast source of information that Orion has learned to access for healing. By realigning the electromagnetic resonance around the brain, the brain realigns itself.

An analogy of type of energy healing is that if you hold the tail of a dog, the dog wags itself. The brain is fully capable of healing itself under the certain conditions.  Energy Neuroplasticity relieves symptoms of concussions, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities.  For most conditions,  three successive 60 minute treatments over the course of two weeks can dramatically change these conditions.

Each successive session of Energy Neuroplasticity becomes easier for the client as they are able to access the proper frequency and stretch their awareness with more ease. 


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Concussion Therapy and healing in Toronto

Toronto concussion clinic and therapy in Toronto uses Energy Neuroplasticity for brain healing.  Some of the other issues include ADHD, personality disorders, brain fog, and more.