Energy Neuroplasticity Session

Along with the Energy Neuroplasticity techniques, I guide clients through specific yogic breathing and mind-body altering visualizations, allowing me to locate important energy nodal points. These energy nodal points help to create the framework to coordinate the systematic healing of the triune brain healing. The client is encouraged to engage in the holistic healing process.

During a session, clients often enter into a deep, but conscious, state of relaxation.  After a Neuroplasticity session, individuals have a wonderful feeling of lightness that may last for many hours.

I suggest four to six sessions to rebalance the brain after a concussive event. Each session is scheduled about a week apart to allow recovery time for optimal healing to occur.

Benefits of An Energy Neuroplasticity Session:

  • Better Mental Focus
  • Improved Emotional State
  • Reduce Physical Pain
  • Shorten Healing Time
  • Reduce Stress
  • Experience Wellbeing
Each Energy Neuroplasticity Session is 1.5 Hours